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17 Reasons to Hire

17 Reasons to Hire these painters

• TWO GENERATIONS OF PAINTING - Michael makes the second generation to be continuing the Sinnott legacy throughout New Jersey.

• REASONABLE PRICES - Our prices are competitive, always guaranteeing our work unconditionally. We warranty all of our work for 3 years.

• FAMILY BUSINESS - We’ve been painting New Jersey for more than 30 years. We are solid. We will be here to serve your needs not only now but in the future.

• PERSONAL SERVICE honest, reliable, friendly, and courteous service you can count on.

• WE ONLY USE PROFESSIONAL CAREER PAINTERS As opposed to part time college students or itinerants, so you know the job will be done right “the First time”. You won’t have to worry about the quality of our workmanship. All of our employee’s undergo up to four years of formalized training.

• WE USE ONLY TOP QUALITY PAINTS AND FINISHES Quality brand names that you can trust, so we can assure quality as well as guarantee our work.

• CREDIBILITY Legitimate contractors won’t mind offering you proof of licensing, a federal and state employers tax ID number, proof of liability & workers compensation insurance. We will proudly show you at your request.

You are fully protected in case of any unintentional damage to your property, or injury to someone on your property.

• WE SPECIALIZE in repaint work, making the finest homes and business in the area look “even more attractive”

• WE GUARANTEE OUR WORK, FREE – if your exterior paint should peel, we will repaint that area for FREE no hidden charges to be paid by you later.

• PAINTERS DO DAILY CLEAN UP – We won’t interrupt your home or business by having tools, and equipment scattered all around your office or home.

• THOROUGH PREPARATION – surfaces will be scraped, sanding may be performed, and windows will be puttied. Bare surfaces will be primed, chalky area wire brushed; we’ll apply rust inhibitions, repair cracks and holes, caulk cracks. On the inside of your home or business, we’ll repair cracks in walls, do plastering and other repairs needed. We will also protect floors and all personal items.

• DAILY SUPERVISION OF YOUR JOB – you will be dealing with someone who has been personally involved in painting and has knowledge about your type of paint job and more importantly, is sensitive to YOUR needs.

• WE BID OUR WORK “UNTIL FULL COVERAGE IS ACHIEVED” Which means to you, you don’t have to worry about us back charging you because one coat didn’t cover.

• ONCE WE START, WE SHOW UP EVERYDAY UNTIL YOUR JOB IS COMPLETEDwith the exception of rain or cold. We won’t start your job and then leave you hanging, while we try to satisfy some other customer.

• WE WORK ON A FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE BASIS – which means once you’ve decided to move forward on the work in the proposal and pay your deposit, we make a commitment to you. So pre- book EARLY to save your spot.

• STABILITY – We are clearly the leader in New Jersey, ask your friends or acquaintances I’m sure they’ve heard of us.

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